island / wyspa

INFO: The title ISLAND is a lonely man with his desires, obsessions, longings.

“The Tempest” is the last of Shakespeare’s dramatic text written from the perspective of leaving behind the world. It is a metaphor and fable at the same time. Performance full of sadness and nostalgia is created by actors of the Song of the Goat Theater together with the dancers of acclaimed choreographer Ivan Perez. ISLAND is directed by Grzegorz Bral, and the author of songs and drama is Alicja Bral. Music prepared by Jean Claude Acquaviva, Maciej Rychły mixed together with traditional Georgian songs.

Choreography: Iván Pérez Avilés
Song preparation: Łukasz Wójcik
Choir preparation: Kelvin Chan

Starring: Anu Almagro, Julianna Bloodgood, Jenny Kaatz, Olga Kunicka, Natalia Voskoboynikova, Magda Kumorek, Catherine Janekowicz, Magdalena Wojnarowska, Dimitris Varkas, Kelvin Chan, Michał Rudaś, Lukasz Wojcik, Peyman Constantinus Sichani

Dancers: Christopher Tandy, Inés Belda Nácher, Orla Mc Carthy, Yi-wei Lo, Leon Poulton, Will Thompson



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